Memorial Day Severe Weather Outlook

Monday, May 28, 2012
Forecaster: Bill Murray

Three areas of concentrated severe weather threat on this Memorial Day 2012.

The first is over southern Oklahoma and northern Texas, from near Norman to Abiline.

A larger slight risk covers parts of the Midwest and Great Lakes states. It includes places like Minneapolis, Chicago, Milwaukee, Green Bay and Marquette.

Finally, an area over the Northeast, including parts of Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont and Rhode Island. Cities like Utica and Springfield are in the risk area.

Low pressure over Minnesota is responsible for all these areas. The Plains, Midwest and Great Lakes risks are associated with storms that will form along a cold front that trails from the low. The storms over the Northeast will be along a retreating warm front out ahead of it.

Flash flood watches cover Northeast Florida and parts of southern Georgia where Tropical Storm Beryl continues to weaken after moving inland.

It is the Memorial Day holiday weekend and lots of folks will be outdoors. Have redundant ways to receive warnings, especially if your cell coverage is sketchy. And just keep an eye to the sky. If you start to see dark clouds forming near you, check to see what is going on.

Review your severe weather safety plans and know what you will do if warnings are issued wherever you are. MyWARN’s safety rules page is a great starting place if you don’t already have a plan.

MyWARN will let its users know if any severe weather risk, watch or warning is issued for their exact location throughout the day and night.

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