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| June 5, 2012

On June 5 and 6 of 2010 a tornado outbreak occurred across the Midwest and Great Lakes regions of the United States. The outbreak resulted in 53 tornadoes from Iowa to Ontario, Canada and caused damage as far east as New England before the event was over. There were seven deaths in Ohio and one in Illinois. The largest tornado in the outbreak was rated EF4 and devastated the town of Millbury just outside of Toledo, Ohio.

The intensity and number of tornadoes caused extensive devastation for many towns and communities across the region. Total property loss was estimated a $266 million dollars.

The storm system that brought these storms was a typical Springtime severe weather system. A low pressure was moving through the region. The Storm Prediction Center issued a Moderate Risk of severe weather that day from eastern Iowa to Western Pennsylvania. MyWARN would have alerted users as soon as this risk was issued, providing a heads up of what was expected that day. Along with the risk, MyWARN would have provided live saving actions to take.

Early on the afternoon of the 5th severe weather developed and continued an eastward march during the early evening and overnight hours. Many of the tornadoes did in fact occur during the overnight hours. Making the situation even more dangerous as many people were asleep. MyWARN doesn’t sleep, it provides 24 hour a day notifications and alerts users when they are directly threatened. When MyWARN alerts you, you know it is time to act.

One of the hardest hit areas was near St. Anne, Illinois in the community of Pembroke. Many residents of Pembroke received no warning before the tornadoes moved through the area, the community had received a state grant to purchase a tornado siren but the money had never been allocated leaving the town of 2,784 residents without any warning system. After it was revealed the area had no working siren, state lawmakers Lisa Dugan and Toi Hutchinson promised every home in the area would be supplied with a weather radio, and funding would be raised for a tornado siren.

In this day and age of mobile technology, no one should ever go without a warning. No sirens were available and weather radios were bought after the storm. Do not wait until after the storm. Make sure to add MyWARN severe weather notification app to your weather ready plan. It will alert you when you are directly threatened. Whether you use MyWARN as your back-up severe weather notification source or it’s the first line in your preparedness make sure MyWARN is one the your multiple sources to receive severe weather alerts.

Photo c/o The Oakland Press
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