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MyWARN: Safety Info Too…

Having a personal severe weather safety plan is an important part of surviving these low probability, but high impact events. When warnings are issued, time if of the essence.

That means that you need to decisively take action as soon as the warnings are issued.

But what actions should you take?

MyWARN helps by suggesting concise actions that the user can do to save their lives. The safety advice is context sensitive, allowing you to pick your situation (home with basement, home without basement, mobile home, school, church, etc.). MyWARN then gives you specific advice based on the type of the alert.

Armed with information about the storm, and actions to take, you’re prepared!

Get MyWARN now from the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store

Get MyWARN from the iTunes Store now!

Special limited time price: $9.99

Get it on Google Play

Special limited time price: $9.99


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