A Busy Day for MyWARN, Could Be a Bad Day for You…

| September 11, 2012

If you see this, you are in danger. MyWARN continues to find success as one of the premiere severe weather notification apps. Thousands of users are spread across the country and we love getting feedback from users. Recently, a user asked if MyWARN would notify for multiple severe weather threats at the same time, and the answer to the question is…YES. If you ever see you dashboard lit up like the image above, it is obviously a dangerous situation for your location and we highly recommend that you take immediate action.

Your dashboard lets you know what types of alerts you are under. Once your dashboard buttons light up you are able to push the button and where you will be sent to the map room where you will be able to see your location within the alert. You will also see the wording of the text that will let you know more about the situation. Within each alert you could get multiple warnings depending on what your local National Weather Service Office has issued.

The above dashboard image, we have determined, is the most amount of notifications that any single user will get on his or her MyWARN dashboard. You may think that a dashboard view like that will never happen, but it has and does. The dashboard image was not associated with a widespread severe weather outbreak across the Plains or Southeast, where you would expect it, but the above occurrence happened in New England earlier this summer. This actual notified area was just north of downtown Boston, Massachusetts. Massachusetts is not thought of as a main severe weather activity location but MyWARN has proven it is. This proves that MyWARN is needed and works everywhere.

Hopefully you will never have a fully lit up dashboard like in the image, but if you do rest assured that MyWARN will notify you when your are threatened and when the danger has passed.

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