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| September 11, 2012

Saving lives and providing accurate severe weather information is exactly why MyWARN was developed. In today’s fast paced world of social media, live streaming coverage and endless sources of weather information, providing the most accurate and reliable weather information is a must. If because of MyWARN’s development, one life is saved, then our goal has been accomplished and MyWARN to us is considered a great success. We thought we would do a short post showing just some of our customers’ feedback. We love hearing from our customers. We have even incorporated feedback into some of our most recent upgrades to MyWARN. So we encourage our customers to help us make MyWARN the premiere severe weather notification app.

The simplest way to let us know your feedback is by email. You can email us at support@mywarn.com or through your device. Click on the MyWARN App. Select the More tab at the bottom right. Click the support tab on the list. It will allow you to compose an email from your device to our staff. Let us know any questions, comments, concerns, problems, or praise that you may have about MyWARN. Hit the Send button in the top right corner, and that is all you have to do.

We thank our customers for all their feedback. We plan on doing a more in depth post on the first comment alone. It proves that MyWARN’s development was worth it.


Money well spent! As I was driving into what I thought was a typical summer afternoon thunderstorm today with three children my phone began alerting. Tornado Warning for this area. I immediately turned around and drove to my parents house right down the road (I had just left from there). At my parents we turned on the news and realized the path of the Tornado went right through where I had been driving only minutes before. Thanks My Warn!!!!   

                                                     Emily-North Carolina

Dear MyWarn,

I am a weather junkie, I have all the weather apps possible, But the first one in my 29 weather apps, Is MyWARN! So I always know how to get to it when I have a alert, I live in Birmingham, AL so I don’t get that many Alerts but the thing I love about MyWARN is the nearby setting see alerts/risk areas Near-by Thank you for this app-one happy costumer


Since you made the up date my warn is my favorite wx app thanks.



Hi, Purchased MyWarn a few days ago. I really love this app. My wife and I are older and are sort of out in the country. We are going to keep our iPhones next to our bed at night so we will receive your warnings while we are asleep. Thanks




I purchased your product a few months ago, and have been amazed by the speed with which I receive notifications. It’s proven very useful to me.


Major hail storms hit Dallas but I avoided them because of this app.  I will never be without it!
I love, love, love this app…it saved me from the recent hail storms in Dallas.



Mr.  Murray:  Thank you for the update, downloaded today.  Every enhancement, makes this already excellent app, just that much better.  I understand and appreciate the need for ‘fine tuning’, your application, towards the ultimate goal of saving as many lives as possible. I am impressed with the accuracy and up to the minute coverage of this app.  Thank you for the development and distribution of this important warning source.


Once again, we thank and appreciate all feedback from our customers. Please let us know how we are doing at any time.

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