Functionality of the Android Version

| March 28, 2013

Now that the Android version of MyWARN has been released, we would like to explain some its features. It works the same as our very popular iOS version, but there are a few differences we would like to cover. Screenshot_2012-12-04-10-32-01 The most noticeable difference is the layout of the design interface or the Dashboard. The Android version has a more vertical layout compared to the horizontal of iOS. This has been very popular with our new Android users and we have actually had some iOS users comment on how much they like the layout as well. The top right hand corner on the Android version features the AREA button. This is the equivalent to the Nearby button on the iOS version. When this button is selected, it will give the user two options: Local or Extended. Local is for the device’s exact location and is what should be selected most of the time. Extended, when selected will show the user alerts within 50 miles of their location. Like the Nearby button on the Apple version, this is an extended heads up to the approaching severe weather threat. The rest of the dashboard works the same as the iOS version.   Screenshot_SVRWhen an alert is received, MyWARN will notify the user with a distinct sound and a notification will pop up where all notifications on Android devices show up, in the top left hand corner. When selecting the alert, the app will open and update the Dashboard. Depending on the type of notification the user received, determines how the Dashboard will change. Once a section of the Dashboard lights up, the user is able to select that notification and they are whisked away to the map room on the app. The map room will pinpoint the user’s location within that specific alert. In the map room, notice the tabs across the top of the screen: Map, Details and Take Action. Map is currently where the user is on the app. The user can then select one of the other tabs and receive more information on the threat.       Screenshot_DetailsScreenshot_actionThe Details tab provides the text of the alert that the user has been notified too. It can be from the local National Weather Service Office or the Storm Prediction Center. It provide the exact details and threats to expect from the event that will be impacting their exact location. The user is then able to select the Take Action tab. MyWARN will inform the user of what sorts of life-saving precautions or actions need to be taken to ensure the user remains safe during the severe weather threat.       Returning to the Dashboard of MyWARN. One of the most popular features of either version of MyWARN has been the risk feature. The risk is issued five times a day by the Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma. The risk is part of the Day One Convective Outlook which is the threat expected with thunderstorms that develop that day. The SPC issues three risk types: Slight, Moderate and High. Each risk has it’s own criteria depending on the threat, intensity and expanse of the severe weather during that forecast time. Screenshot_mpo A feature currently only available on the the Android version is the ability to see the other risks. In the map room of the risk, if there is another risk, the drop down that says other risks will appear. Users are able to select which risk to look at and see their proximity

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to it. Also in each map room there is a Local News Button, just like on the iOS. This is a feature that is continually being implemented across the country. When selecting this button, users

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will be able to see the Local News affiliate for that television market. If severe weather is ongoing, most stations live stream their severe weather coverage and this can be watched through MyWARN. This feature will provide users with additional information and will be helpful in determining the threat at their location. As we head back to the Dashboard of MyWARN. There are two other tabs across the top that we need to mention: Settings and More. Under the Settings tab, most everything is the same layout as iOS. Users are able to select which alerts they want to receive and customize MyWARN for their severe weather needs and desires. Set location and receive test work the same on both versions as well. This allows the users to know MyWARN is working properly and users can test their device at anytime. News Station is the same as Local News tab discussed earlier. If a Local News station does not show up, that means a local affiliate has not yet been assigned. We continue to work on obtaining affiliates across the country. If your location does not yet have an affiliate, rest assured we are working our hardest to provide one. We would love to hear any suggestions of a local station that you would like to see as an affiliate. Finally, there is the More tab. Under this tab, you are able to receive additional information on MyWARN. The support area allows users to compose an email and send any questions, concerns, or issues they may have to our support team. When doing this make sure to fill in some text and give us as much detail into the problem, and one of our support technicians will be with you as soon as possible to help resolve any issues. If you have any additional question or comments, please let us know. Follow us on Twitter. Like us on Facebook. Add us to your Google+ circles. MyWARN is available in the Google Play Store and as always our very popular iOS version is available for download in the iTunes Store. Get MyWARN now from the iTunes Store and the Google Play Store.

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