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| January 20, 2017

NOAA Weatheradio has saved countless lives since its widespread implementation following the 1974 Superoutbreak of tornadoes that produced 148 tornadoes in 24 hours.

The radio network covers 96% of the United States, but it suffers from two limitations that make it less effective than it should be.

Weatheradio is county based, meaning that it sounds an alarm for an entire county, even though the National Weather Service warning may include a small portion of the county. This results in listeners receiving dozens of unnecessary warnings each year. MyWARN takes care of this problem by only notifying you when are in the precise severe weather alert issued by the National Weather Service.

Weatheradio SAME codes are difficult to program for many people. For this reason, people don’t use their radios or don’t buy them in the first place. MyWARN is very simple and intuitive to use. Unless you want to filter out particular notifications, there’s nothing to program.

MyWARN goes one step further. If you want to program the app to receive only the notifications you want, an easy to understand settings page can be customized in seconds. The app lets you pick just the threats you are concerned about. NOAA Weatheradio can’t do it.

With MyWARN, just set it and forget it.

Put MyWARN in memory and let it run. It will be working in the background twenty hours a day, seven days a week, just waiting for a notification from the National Weather Service. Then it will instantly let you know.

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