MyWARN: Only When You Are Threatened

| December 1, 2016

Here is a great example of how MyWARN works to alert its users unlike any other severe weather notification app.

In this case, the National Weather Service in Austin/San Antonio, Texas issued a Flash Flood Watch for a majority of its CWA (County Warning Area) that did not go into affect until 6PM local time on that day.

If you were to pull up the office’s website you would have seen this image. MyWARN users in the area that had customized MyWARN to alert for flash flood notifications may have thought that their app wass not working properly. Looking at the map that would seem correct.

However, as stated earlier, the watch didn’t go into affect until a later time. The watch notification was sitting in our server’s queue waiting until the watch’s valid start time. Once the watch went into effect at 6PM, then MyWARN users in the watch area were notified!

Only when a MyWARN user is under a threat will the proper notification be sent and received by the user.

The text of the notification contains invaluable information provided by the National Weather Service about the changing weather conditions over the next 24 to 36 hours. It allows people to know what they can expect in the coming days, but once again does not go into affect its official start time. MyWARN will only alert users when they are being directly threatened.

MyWARN will not alert users until the watch is in affect. Conditions in the weather could change by then, and the watch might not even be needed. If things were to change, MyWARN users would not get what is perceived to be a false alert. No warning fatigue, just a notification when it is needed.

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