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A problem with legacy warning systems is that they inundate you with warnings that you don’t care about. You may live in a location where flash flooding is not an issue. You may not be concerned about severe thunderstorm warnings. You may only want to know about tornado warnings, and nothing else.

Remember that all those phenomena are deadly, killing hundreds of Americans each year, and they can affect you anytime, anyplace. When you least expect it. So you probably want to know about all of them, especially if you are away from your normal surroundings.

But in case you still don’t want all of them, MyWARN filters out the warnings that aren’t for your specific location, eliminating the overwarning problem that you hear so much about today.

But if you want to go a step further, and filter out other alerts so that you receive only the specific ones you want to receive, MyWARN has taken care of that. Notifications are fully customizable, allowing you to turn specific types of alerts off and on at will.

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