Without Warning

| December 20, 2016

It seems that every time there is a serious tornado, the news media interviews someone that says the tornado struck without warning. Truth is, the lead time on tornadoes in the U.S. has increased to nearly 15 minutes! For large tornadoes, it is even longer than that. The National Weather Service issues tornado warnings for nearly 75% of all the tornadoes that strike the U.S. For stronger tornadoes, the percentage is even higher. The introduction of Doppler radar in the late 1980s and early 1990s has been the greatest contributor to these improvements. But the radar enhancements mean that far more warnings are issued today. Storm based warnings radically improved the warning process starting in 2007, but since legacy notification systems are county based, that means even more false alarms. MyWARN is a critical tool that helps make sure you get critical, lifesaving severe weather alerts as soon as possible. And it helps eliminate warnings that you don’t need by only notifying you when you are actually located in official National Weather Service alerts Get MyWARN now from the iTunes Store and the Google Play Store

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