Why Not More Severe Weather Notifications?

| December 1, 2016

As we constantly try to ensure customer satisfaction with MyWARN, we want our users to know that we are listening. We have had several users and non users suggest how they would like MyWARN to alert them for additional weather alerts, such as winter weather events, hurricanes and fires.

Fantastic suggestions and we do appreciate any and all feedback that our users have, however our philosophy with MyWARN is…Simplicity at its best.

When MyWARN was being developed, we focused on what are the three commonly perceived types of severe weather that “Hit Without Warning,” or events people said “They Had No Warning.” The three events that people were talking about were; tornadoes, severe thunderstorms and flash flooding.

At least one of these events affects every state in the United States. Therefore, MyWARN is an important tool in getting severe weather notifications and will work no matter where you are in the continental United States. MyWARN will alert users when there is life-threatening severe weather for their exact location. We have had many users comment on how when they travel, they have no idea what county they are in. When they hear about a storm or a warning they are not sure if they are affected. MyWARN takes care of this for them, and has proven to be worth the money when it comes to keeping users notified and safe.

The suggestions that MyWARN should notify for winter weather events, hurricanes or even fires, are great. Remember these events are usually forecasted days in advance. The more events you alert for, the more complicated the use of MyWARN will become and the more warnings you are going to receive. That is a perception we are trying to prevent. Many people believe they are already over-warned. This in turn makes them less likely to take an alert seriously, and that is a way of thinking we are trying to prevent users from having. Be assured, when MyWARN alerts you, it is time to take action, because you are threatened.

Hurricanes do not hit without warning. The affects from a hurricane that you should be most worried about are flooding and tornadoes, but as a MyWARNer you are already alerted and notified for these as soon as the National Weather Service issues the perspective watch or warning. So in essence, MyWARN does alert you for the worst affects of land-falling hurricanes.

When it comes to winter weather events these too are forecasted days in advance. They are usually very large and very well forecasted. Fires can be a bit trickier, but usually conditions have to be right for fires and these conditions usually are in place for several day or even weeks in advance.

As we head into the winter season, when severe weather events are much more limited in frequency and coverage, be assured that you can still have peace of mind when there is adverse winter weather occurring at your location. To give users the latest information on these event, MyWARN allows users, within the app, the ability to see a local media partner. Here users are able to get more information about the adverse weather event that is occurring. As we continue to build the network of streaming affiliates and more of these stations sign on, the station logo will appear on your MyWARN dashboard after a simple and quick station search under settings. Once the logo appears you will be able to touch it like the other MyWARN buttons and it will allow users to see the local streaming affiliate’s live weather coverage of the weather event. This will ensure that you are well informed of all local news on the event. During the winter months, we will continue to improve MyWARN. We will also be working on our network of streaming affiliates and hope to have it near completion during that time so we can have most DMAs covered by next spring’s severe weather season.

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