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MyWARN is easy to use

MyWARN features a super simple user interface and requires no set up.

MyWARN features a simple user interface with a clean, uncluttered dashboard that communicates the weather alert status at your location instantly with one glance.

See the specific threat by simply clicking on the highlighted alert button and see your location superimposed on a map of the area affected by the warning and the location of the storm. Read the text of the alert and pull up immediate action steps that can save your life.

Just turn MyWARN on and let it run in the background on your iPhone. The system uses almost no battery as it sits and monitors the stream of National Weather Service watches and warnings silently, checking each one against your location. When it detects an alert you are looking for, it wakes up the phone and alerts you according to your settings.

Specify which types of alerts that you want to receive by toggling them on and off on the settings page. Customize the duration of the alert sounds for your specified bulletins by changing the number of seconds they sound. If you are a heavy sleeper, bump it up.

If you are in a meeting or at an event, silence MyWARN by flipping the switch on the side of the phone. If you have your vibrate setting on, you will still feel MyWARN buzz.

Even if you don’t have the app running in the background, MyWARN will notify you based on your last known location if an alert is issued for that place, reminding you to open the app.

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