“This App Doesn’t Do Anything…”

| January 30, 2017

“This app doesn’t do anything…” We’ve head that from a few customers who first buy MyWARN, go to the main screen and see none of the buttons lit. There’s nothing to push, nothing to do. That’s because MyWARN doesn’t do anything, until severe weather threatens your precise location. It doesn’t go off for warnings on the other side of the county, or down the road, or even across the street if you aren’t in the warning. Don’t worry, it will give you plenty of heads up since the National Weather Service is averaging nearly 15 minutes of lead time on the tornadoes it warns for.

Did you know that you are affected by far fewer severe weather alerts than you think? In fact, you probably only get a couple of tornado warnings a year for your home, even if you live in “tornado alley.” But you have been bombarded unnecessarily over the years by so many that don’t even affect your location that you think there are way more than there really are.

The National Weather Service does a fantastic job issuing narrowly defined warnings that target only the areas that are going to be affected by storms and potential severe weather. But sirens and NOAA Weatheradio are old fashioned warning systems that sound for entire counties, not the very specific warnings.

MyWARN monitors these storm based warnings, or polygons, very carefully and ONLY notifies you when you are INSIDE the actual polygon. This means that you will be bothered by far fewer warnings.

Don’t buy MyWARN if you want to know about ALL the warnings around you. Buy it so that you will know when you are IN the warning and need to take action. MyWARN cuts out the unnecessary warnings and let’s you keep going about your business until it is time to ACT!

Here is an example from a user who complained that the MyWARN app was not working. She was near, but not in a tornado warning last Friday evening. But the sirens were sounding at her location, her NOAA Weatheradio was alarming and the television weather people were on the air. She wanted to know why MyWARN didn’t go off.

It didn’t go off because she was not in the warning polygon. It was just a couple of miles to her west. She was in no danger.

It’s going to take some getting used to, but you don’t have to worry about every warning. Only the ones that affect you! Let MyWARN be your weather watchdog. When it barks, it’s time to jump!

We strive very hard to make sure that every user understands that MyWARN won’t do anything, until they are in a risk, a watch or a warning. We have designed it so that you can put it in memory and go about your business. It is not for the weather enthusiast. It is for the person who needs to know about severe weather alerts wherever they, but only when they are in danger.

If that is you, we know that you will enjoy MyWARN!

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Bill Murray
Founder of MyWARN

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