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| March 20, 2017

As summer vacation season rapidly approaches, it always important to be ready for the threat of severe weather no matter where you decide to get caught up on your rest and relaxation.   Severe weather impacts the U.S. year round and can impact any state at any time. As most people begin to plan their summertime getaways, it is just as important to have a reliable source for severe weather alerts while you are away from home. Most people have weather radios at home, but taking a weather radio with you would be more of a hassle. Programming those things is difficult already and most people don’t knot what county there are in while on vacation anyways.

The simple and solution is add MyWARN to your severe weather arsenal.

MyWARN is cheaper than a weather radio, follows you, and requires no programming. The fact that is on your smartphone means that severe weather alerts are at your fingertips now. So when an alert is issued this could add to the confusion. MyWARN knows where you are and will alert you when and if you are threatened by severe weather while you are trying to get a littler r and r. With MyWARN, you have one less thing to worry about while enjoying your vacation.   MyWARN is the perfect travel companion.

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MyWARN is available in the Google Play Store and as always our very popular iOS version is available for download in the iTunes Store. Get MyWARN now from the iTunes Store and the Google Play Store.

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