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For years and years, the National Weather Service issued warnings for entire counties. However, a few years ago, the National Weather Service started issuing tornado, severe thunderstorm and flash flood warnings for very narrow and targeted areas that are in the path of danger. These “storm based warnings”, in polygon shapes, limit the area and number of people that have to take action. The problem is that legacy warning dissemination systems like outdoor sirens and Weatheradio can’t target people that are in the narrow polygons. This means that thousands of people are warned unnecessarily. It takes new technologies like MyWARN to deliver the warnings to just the people that are affected by them. MyWARN eliminates this problem by using your smartphone’s location services to instantaneously identify when you are in a location included in a National Weather Service warning. By eliminating overwarning, you can confidently take action when you receive an alert. MyWARN shows you exactly where you are on the map in relation to the threat and lets you know when the threat has passed or has otherwise ended. Get MyWARN now from the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store

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