Give the Gift of Severe Weather Preparedness

| November 27, 2017

With the threat of severe weather for portions of the southern U.S. this weekend, right in the middle of this holiday season, we want to remind users that there is no better gift than severe weather safety. If you are looking for an excellent gift idea or realize you still need to purchase that last minute gift, remember that you can gift MyWARN to family and friends in the iTunes Store. For Android devices, you can give Google Play Gift cards to be used for the purchase of MyWARN. There is no better gift to give than one that can save the recipient’s life, by alerting them to the threat of severe weather. Gift MyWARN Now.

Click on the Gift MyWARN link where we have a provided this easy step by step process to gift the app.

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MyWARN is available in the Google Play Store and as always our very popular iOS version is available for download in the iTunes Store.

Get MyWARN now from the iTunes Store and the Google Play Store.

Get MyWARN from the iTunes Store now!

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Special limited time price: $9.99

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