MyWARN: Precious Minutes…

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When a tornado threatens, your immediate action can mean the difference between life and death.

Buy yourself the gift of time by getting precise warnings delivered to your iPhone within seconds of them being issued by National Weather Service meteorologists, wherever you are, no matter when it is.

A graphical display of the warning and the storm threat helps you identify the the threat and recommends actions to take that give you specific steps so you can protect your life.

Not only does MyWARN let you know when you come under an alert, but a cheerful chime also sounds the all clear when the threat has ended and the alert is lifted. This is important, because your time is important.

MyWARN gets you back to living faster.

Get MyWARN now from the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store

Get MyWARN from the iTunes Store now!

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Special limited time price: $9.99


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